vMap is a french powerful webmapping application based on the newest open-source libraries (OpenLayers 3, Google-Closure, AngularJS, Bootstrap…). It can use external map services, local data files produced in many formats (WMS, WMTS, Bing, OSM, GPX, GeoJSON, KML, TopoJSON...) or publish WMS services using MapServer. vMap is able to manage business objects while using WMS producing server software like MapServer, GeoServer, QGIS Server or ArcGis Server.

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Usefull links

  • More about vMap: https://www.veremes.com/produits/vmap (french)
  • Documentation: https://vmap.readthedocs.io/fr/latest/
  • Gitlab repo: https://gitlab.veremes.net/open-source/vmap

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